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SMART Legislative Report

For NYLA, the legislative priorities and updates (as of 5/23) for 2011 are as follows:

Public Library Construction Grants

This legislation (S.4101 Farley/A.113 Paulin) would modify the public library construction grant program to enable grants to be used to purchase vacant land as well as lower local match to 25% of project costs for libraries in high need areas.

Public Library Systems Eligible for Local Government Efficiency Grants

The bill (S.4053 Farley/A.6468 Reilly) would expand eligibility to apply for local government efficiency grants to include public library systems. Currently libraries are allowed to apply, but not library systems. Status: reported to Assembly Ways and Means 4/12 and reported to Senate Floor 5/24

BOCES-Libraries Internet Partnerships

This bill (S.1573 Oppenheimer/A.464 Gunther) would authorize BOCES to contract with public libraries or library systems for internet services. Status: reported to Senate Finance 5/3

Library Card Info Distributed to Students

This bill (S.4174 Oppenheimer/A.6239 Bing) would require school districts to disseminate informational materials about applications for public library cards to students if they are provided by their library. Status: reported to Assembly Ways and Means 5/24

Expand Eligibility for EPE Funding to Include Libraries

This bill (S.4100 Farley/A.6385 Reilly) would expand eligibility to receive Employment Preparation Education (EPE) funds to include libraries. There is currently $96 million in EPE funding available.

NYS Comprehensive Information System

The bill (S.3297 DeFrancisco/A.4997 Russell) would authorize the state library to coordinate the bulk purchase of electronic resources like databases for state agencies, libraries and other governmental entities that would save the state and local government’s money. Status: Passed Senate 5/9

State Library Hours of Operation

This bill (S.5244 McDonald/A.6839 Nolan) would require the state library to be open at least five days a week but give the Board of Regents flexibility on which days to be open. Status: reported to Assembly Ways and Means 5/24

SUNY/CUNY Procurement Flexibility for Electronic Resources

This bill would expand the flexibility recently provided to SUNY/CUNY to purchase products like books to also include electronic resources like online research databases, which are a growing component of academic library collections.