SMART Board – Call for Nominations

Three of our Board seats are available for the upcoming election to be held in May with responsibilities starting in September after the 2014 NYLA Conference (November 5-8, 2014).

The open seats and the attendant responsibilities are:

Vice-President/ President Elect
The office is a three year term (Vice-President/Conference Programmer, President, Past-President).
The Vice-President (President-Elect) shall perform the duties of the President in case of the President’s absence, resignation, disability or death. The Vice-President shall be consulted by the President and kept informed of all plans and policies, and shall be responsible for all Section on Management of Information Resources and Technology programs presented during the annual New York Library Association Conference.

The office is a two year term.
The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records for the Section, shall relay all financial transactions to the New York Library Association office, and shall report on all income and expenditures of the Section annually at the general membership meeting and at the Section Executive Board meetings, as required.

The office is a two year term.
Directors-at-Large are members of the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall have the authority to conduct the business of the Section between annual meetings.

All positions require attendance at three or four SMART Board meetings each year. There is reimbursement for travel to committee meetings if needed. Incumbents in all positions should also attend the Annual Conference – there is no reimbursement for Conference attendance. All SMART officers must be NYLA and SMART members.

Visit the SMART section of the NYLA website for more information:

Please email your nominations (name, job title, contact information and a short statement of interest) to by Tuesday, May 6th. Self-nominations are always encouraged.

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