NYLA 2013 is here!

NYLA 2013 is well underway.  We’ve had a great conference so far!

Friday’s programs!

Slot 3: 8 AM – 9:15 AM – IT Security for Librarians (Rudi Weiss Lecture)

Learn ways to be more secure, how to stay safe online and secure your browser, PC, and other devices used daily and tackle some common security myths as well as network security.  Speaker: Blake Carver – NY Power Auhority Niagara Project

Location: Convention Center – Cataract

Slot 4: 11 AM – 12:15 PM – SMART Flashtalks and Membership Meeting

Join fellow SMART members as they share short & fast presentations on how technology is shaping their libraries.  Concludes with ashort membership meeting and roundtable discussions.

Location: Convention Center – Cataract

Slot 5: 2:15 PM – 5 PM – Emerging Tech Trends in Libraries

Join technology experts from adademic and public backgrounds in a conversation about emerging technologies and trends in libraries.  Speakers: Jenica Rogers, SUNY Potsdam; Leah Kraus, Fayetteville Free Library; Alison Glass, Syracuse University; Tor Loney, University at Albany.

Location: Conventiion Center – Red Jacket

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