[SCRLC] Greening Your Library Webinar

SCRLC is delighted to announce that Rebekkah Smith Aldrich will present her Greening Your Library workshop as a webinar on Wednesday, September 21 from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon. Whether you are planning a new library, refurbishing your current library, or improving your current library on a tight budget, this workshop will help you identify green options and find resources to make them happen. “Going green” doesn’t always have to cost a lot, sometimes it can save money, too! This workshop will be a great place to exchange ideas and get new inspirations. The workshop fee is only $15 ($30 for groups) with no travel – how green (and economical) can you get? Full details and registration info are available below and at http://scrlc.org/GreeningYourLibrary

Our presenter, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, is the Coordinator for Library Growth & Sustainabil¬ity at the Mid-Hudson Library System. Rebekkah is a certi¬fied Sustainable Building Ad¬visor (NaSBA and has presented on greening libraries at many workshops and conferences. She is a 2010 Library Journal Mover & Shaker and the 2010 Presi¬dent of the Library Administra¬tion & Management Section (LAMS) of the New York Li¬brary Association.

Please help us to spread the word about this event to colleagues and co-workers who may be interested. Information about all SCRLC workshops and events is available on our website at http://www.scrlc.org

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