Media Management in a Digital Universe

[via NYLINE Listserv]

The Sanctuary for Independent Media Center presents the first workshop in its “Be The Media” Series on March 7, 2010 from 1-5 p.m. at 3361 Sixth Avenue, Troy, NY.

“Media Management in a Digital Universe” is an afternoon designed to help you master the art of archiving and muscle your data into place for order, access and ease. Instructor David Rice ( consults on a wide range of preservation topics while focusing on open source applications, digital formats, asset and metadata.

“Digital formats and materials are inherently fragile and any strategy that can help you access and preserve them for future use is essential. Media management is a basic necessity for anyone working in a digital environment,” says Jeanne M. Keefe, who took last season’s digital archiving workshop. Keefe is Media & Digital Assets Librarian for the Architecture Library at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Workshop fee: $40/session or $100 for 3 workshops in the series!

Contact Workshop Coordinator Amy Halloran at with questions, or go online to to register.

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