2010 is the Year of the eReader

[via Engadget]

I posted a couple of times last week about some new eBook readers that were announced near the beginning of the Consumer Electronic Show 2010, but that was before I realized how many eBook devices were going to be announced. I am linking to Engadget’s “The e-Reader story of CES 2010” which has a great overview of all the different readers. I feel that the best choice for libraries out of the new eReaders will be laptops or tablets that utilize the Pixel Qi screen technology. This new technology is considered a hybrid screen where it is a full-colored LCD in one mode, and a monochromatic reflective screen in another mode. In the second mode, the screen’s readability is comparable to the Kindle’s eInk technology. What makes this ideal for libraries is that it would be compatible with any eBook software available at this time since it would be a regular laptop with the ability to mimic the eInk display of the dedicated eBook readers. There is Kindle and Barnes & Noble software available for laptops, and most other services use a standard like PDF or ePub format. The new services like Skiff also support the eBook on a laptop, along with current eBook providers like Overdrive. This is starting out to be an interesting year for the eBook format.

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