Library Advocacy Brigade Website Up and Running

[via WNYLRC Watch Newsletter]

WNYLRC and Jaclyn McKewan recently started the Library Advocacy Brigade web site! Jaclyn did a great job on the website design, and I especially like how the logo image changes and features images from local libraries!

WNYLRC is pleased to announce the start of a great way to connect with your patrons and to allow us a host of “stories”, compliments, vignettes and testimonials about the life-changing service libraries often provide.  The Library Advocacy Brigade website,, developed by the Library Advocacy Task Group of WNYLRC and designed by WNYLRC’s own Jaclyn McKewan, is a one-stop shop which will be your resource when you need legislative information, names of representatives and sites for legislative information.  This will also be where your users’ stories will be posted for use when addressing legislators and drawing their attention to the desires of the library-using public.  Let your patrons know there is a place where their thoughts can be placed and encourage them to provide you with situations when their information needs were met and how beneficial libraries are to their lives.

E-mail your patron submissions to us at and they will be posted promptly and then use the site frequently as a storehouse of anecdotal and praiseworthy writings.  You will also find there the ability to subscribe to two RSS feeds, one for front-page information and one for the user stories.

Legislators like nothing more than hard evidence that the dollars they lobby for are currying favor and now, for the first time, there will be one collective site for submissions from all types of patrons.

Visit the site today and bookmark it for frequent use.  Don’t forget to solicit those submissions!!

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