Blio eReader: Preserving the print format electronically

[via Wired Gadget Lab]

Another eBook service that was announced during CES. This one is more of a standalone service with a downloadable software that is compatible across different platforms. The nice thing about this service is that it will try to preserve the original layout, fonts, and color of publications. I’m not quite convinced about how well this might work on a small screen, but I can see how certain books will benefit from this format. It also looks like it will have support for multimedia, as well as a read aloud feature for its book. If anything this can be a great accessibility tool for libraries, as it would allow us to use a regular computer with the Blio software to provide text to speech service to our patrons.

You can  learn more about the Blio eReader at their web site, but the software is not available yet for download.

A lot of companies announced an eBook device at CES 2010, and its a good idea for librarians to take a look at some of these new devices and services. Its still hard to say which of these ebook devices will come out on top, but it looks like companies are taking the ebook industry more seriously this time around. I am hoping for a choice ebook services that are hopefully not tied into a proprietary hardware.

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