Skiff, another e-paper display device

[via WNYLRCWatch from NYTimes Bits Blog]

I saw this pointed out at WNYLRC Watch today of yet another eReader device to join the growing list of ebook readers. The one big difference is that the Skiff Reader is actually part of the Skiff service that delivers content to other types of devices, like Smartphones, laptops, and tablets as well. Although there is still no guarantee that this will be any more useful than the other proprietary ebook readers on the market now, what’s interesting is that the Skiff service does not necessarily require the reader device. This means that there is a possibility a library can get an institutional license, much like a subscription to a database, and not have to worry about managing the hardware.  I am also hoping that this leaves the door open for Skiff to make their service compatible with other ebook readers as well (though that might be wishful thinking).

This is just one of the new devices announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Try Google’s Real-Time search to see announcements posted to the web right away. Who knows what new technology might be announced!

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