Comments requested for FCC Proposed Rules: Children and Media

[via NYLINE]

The Federal Communications Commission is seeking comments on a proposed regulation on empowering parents to help their children take advantage of the opportunities offered by evolving electronic media technologies while at the same time protecting children from the risks inherent in use of these technologies. The Commission asks for comments about the extent to which children are using electronic media today, the benefits and risks this presents, and the ways in which parents, teachers, and
children can help reap the benefits while minimizing the risks of using these technologies. It also asks about the effectiveness of media literacy efforts and about how the Commission can assist with efforts being made by other Federal agencies that are addressing similar issues.

To read the full “Notice of Inquiry” soliciting comments, click on the following link:
Comments are due January 25, 2010; reply comments are due February 22, 2010.

Comments may be filed electronically using the Internet by accessing the ECFS: or the Federal eRulemaking Portal:  Filers should follow the instructions provided on the website for submitting comments.

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