Why us Google when…

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Library Videos – the best of… blog just posted some interesting commercials created by Loretta Merlo, Helen-Ann Brown Epstein, Mark Funk, and Judy Stribling from Weill Cornell Medical Library. It looks like they used a presentation software like PowerPoint to create an timed slideshow, and posted it to YouTube. This would be a simple thing for any library to create. My favorite is the Google Scholar one:

2 responses to “Why us Google when…

  1. Thank you for posting my video! To clarify, it was made for our inhouse display screen using some istock photos and the program Keynote for the Mac. I then converted it to a QT movie for Youtube and Facebook – some of the timing is a little off, but I think the message is clear.

    There are 3 videos in this “campaign” so far and all can be viewed, along with other videos we’ve produced, on YouTube, under the name “lamerlowmc”.

    I came up with this idea after hearing many stories, especially from frustrated teaching librarians here (and elsewhere) about students and professional staff using Google to do research instead of the many more reliable, scholarly resources offered by our library.

    We are monitoring any upticks in usage of these resources and plan to release a few more as well. Again, thanks for your interest.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Loretta! I am a big mac geek, and Keynote is one of my favorite presentation software. It is possible to use PowerPoint and other presentation software. The trick is to find out if the presentation software will “Save As..” or Export to a compatible video format.

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