Humor Break: Lust rears its noisy head in the British Library

All libraries are petri dishes of sexual tension but the BL is extreme
[via Timesonline]

This was a news story left at the Reference Desk when I started my shift. Its an amusing story that starts off with a discussion about the tv personality, Tristram Hunt, complaining about the British Library allowing undergraduates into the library. This later leads to a discussion about why sexual tension might be the leading distraction to studying in the library. Here’s a short excerpt.

Though, personally, my preferred explanation is the silence. Let’s face it, human beings are animals, there is potential for sexual tension everywhere, even in parts of West Bromwich, but normally people’s attractiveness is counteracted by the noises that they make — the grunts, groans and conversation that might reveal they are married, stupid, have an unattractive accent, an obnoxious personality or, very simply, do not fancy you in return. But when everyone is sitting around in silence, you can project what you like on to them and everyone remains a sexual possibility. And the thing that convinced me of this theory is an anecdote a regular reader recently told me about the time she spent working in the Humanities 2 reading room.

Read the rest of this article…

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