New Role for Nylink: Marketing and Support for Library Dynamics Spectra

[via NYLINE listserv]

June 25, Albany NY.  Multi-type New York State library consortium Nylink is pleased to announce a partnership with Maryland-based library services company Library Dynamics to market and support their collection analysis suite of tools including the Spectra line of services.

Spectra Web services provide collection overview to individual title analytical capability, leveraging the time and talent of a library’s human resources. Spectra services use definitive bibliographic and circulation data from a library’s local system – mining it for copy level intelligence and normalizing it to achieve reliability and consistency. Using Spectra services, a library can analyze its collection, compare it to other libraries, library groups, or recognized sources such as titles reviewed in Choice. In reporting and working with results, Spectra’s quantitatively based visualization techniques and database management tools allow a user to work flexibly – to copy and paste plots and tables; select, sort, save, download, and e-mail title results; and link to enhancements like tables of contents, chapter titles, annotations, reviews, etc.

Dave Penniman, Executive Director of Nylink, said, “We are pleased to be working with Library Dynamics and Howard Harris to make the Spectra collection analyses and development tools available to New York libraries.  Nylink is committed to offering choices to our members and implementing trusted partnerships with organizations and individuals whose products stand out as exceptional in their functionality. Spectra is such a product.” Howard Harris, President of Library Dynamics, remarked, “Nylink not only by charter but by choice and by practice over time has remained closely focused on the current and evolving needs of its members; we at Library Dynamics are very pleased to be in partnership with Nylink to work to meet those needs.”

About Nylink

Nylink, a membership organization of all types of libraries and cultural heritage organizations in New York state, facilitates collaboration and cooperation among its members and supports access to high-quality, cost-effective resources that enable member institutions to enhance the services they provide to their constituents. A program of the State University of New York System Administration under the umbrella of the Provost’s Office, Nylink is based in Albany.

About Library Dynamics

Since 1998, Library Dynamics has offered innovative tools for visualizing, developing, managing, and interpreting library and library consortia collections. Its services include Spectra CRC, Spectra Dimension, Weedlist Plus, Bibliographic Diagnostic and Repair Services, and Consulting Services related to its services.

Marketing and External Relations Team
Jen Stelling
Marketing Services Librarian
State University of New York
SUNY Plaza
Albany, NY  12246
phone: 518 443-5444 or 800 342-3353
fax: 518-432-4346

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