Call for Nominations!

The SMART Board is an excellent way to become involved in NYLA. Please consider nominating yourself or another SMART member for one of three openings:

  • The Vice-president/President-elect position is a three-year commitment. The first year is spent coordinating SMART’s conference programs, the second year as section President and a member of the NYLA Council, and the third year coordinating nominations for officers and awards.
  • The Director-at-Large position is a great way to get committee experience and learn how NYLA works. The Director-at-Large attends section board meetings (4/year + conference), participates in conference planning, and votes on the actions of the section. This is a three year term running from 2009 to 2012.
  • The SMART Treasurer is responsible for coordinating the section’s finances in cooperation with NYLA’s Accounting Manager. This is a two year term.

The nomination DEADLINE is May 29th. Email nominations and any questions to: Kathryn Frederick

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