Linux and its potential for library use

Linux_Mint_LogoSorry for the lack of posts this week, but I am working on a series of posts to talk about Linux. Many of you may cringe at the mention of open source or Linux, but the little penguin has definitely grown up from the bootable floppy disk days. This all started with the recent release of Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope, and I weas looking into some lowcost solutions for netbooks that we were thinking of loaning out for student use. I was mainly testing out for distributions that were simple to maintain and userfriendly. I am coming from a Mac using background so Linux skillz have floundered over the years. This week I was testing out a few Linux distributions at work. A lot of time spent installing and trying to see if I can get by with some of the Linux distributions. In the end, I decided to use Linux Mint for my experiment to use just Linux at work. Tune in next week as I share my experiences.

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