Poll: Kindles for Libraries?

2 responses to “Poll: Kindles for Libraries?

  1. I’ve been working with licensing for about 4 months now, and am finally working through internal bureaucracy to start moving the discussion towards adopting some e-book readers for specific collection. I think the new kindle will help the argument, but am still not certain the Kindle will be my final choice (a big part of what we’d like to do is load our own digitized special collections and be able to circulate them –the kindle makes that an expensive choice).

    For me/my library, the Audible connection is really Kindle’s killer app.

  2. Ken Fujiuchi

    Using the Kindle for Digitized special collections is a great idea! The PDF support should make it a little easier to get your own collection on there. It is a little pricey, but if there is a decent discount on the Kindle version of books, it may be worth it. I would love to use it for textbooks at the library.

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