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To date, 32.96% of New York’s targeted libraries have responded. If you have not completed the survey yet, please do so as soon as possible. The higher the response rate, the greater the reliability of data received.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Libraries participating in the Gates Foundation Opportunity Online Hardware Grant Program MUST complete the survey in order to remain eligible for receiving their computer allotment as part of this program.


A national survey of public library computer and Internet access was mailed to public libraries in early September 2007. The study, funded by the American Library Association and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and conducted by researchers from Florida State University’s Information Use Management and Policy Institute, is a three-year project that builds on research since 1994 on Internet connectivity in public libraries.

Your participation in the survey provides public libraries, state library agencies, the ALA, policymakers, and others with extremely important data regarding public library computer and Internet access issues, what it takes to sustain public access computer and Internet services in your library, and the impacts of such public access services on the communities that your library serves.

The survey is web-based and has a total of 21 questions. It can be accessed at You will need your state assigned Library ID code included in the survey announcement letter you received to initiate the survey. If you have lost that ID number, you can look it up on the survey site.

You can also view or print your responses to the 2006 survey at That might make it easier to complete this year’s survey, particularly at it relates to budget questions. More information on this project is available at Thank you for taking the time to complete this important national survey.

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