Rachel on the Road – NYLA Library Learning Tour

It seems that our new NYLA President has embarked on a journey to get to know the libraries of New York State this year. Its an ambitious plan, but I like it! Its good to know that the new president is willing to make the time to get to know New York Libraries and Librarians face to face. Here’s a quote from her blog, rachelontheroad.wordpress.com, about her plans…

I am taking 2 days a month to go to each region of the state, and tour at least one academic or special library, one public library, and one school library. I plan to visit library systems of all kinds, and every library school, too, since one of my initiatives as President is to establish a joint ALA/NYLA student chapter at all 7 schools. And the first one to do that is….drum roll….University at Albany!

and here’s a bit about what you can expect from her visits…

I’ll talk about NYLA of course – its a great organization, so how could I not? And I’ll talk about our legislative agenda for the year. But mainly, I am there to listen to you, to see you, and to tour your library to learn about your unique institution, and to share what I learn this year with you and your colleagues across the state.

You can read the rest on her blog, and keep track to see if she will be visiting your region next!

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