Rudi Weiss Lecture: Jenny Levine, The Shifted Librarian

This year’s Rudi Weiss lecture will address new and emerging technologies and their impact on the library, its users, and its patrons in coming years.


Notes from the presentation will be posted on sometime next week.

A little about the history of the Rudi Weiss Lecture…

The Rudi Weiss Memorial Lecture program has allowed SMART in recent years to fund a conference program on a broader topic. Rudi Weiss, of the Westchester Library System, was an active member of the section through the ’60s, serving as president in 1965. To honor his memory, the section first established a grant to enable a librarian to attend a workshop or meeting on some aspect of technical services.

In 1981, the section decided to sponsor instead one major lecture at each annual NYLA conference. The Rudi Weiss lecturer is to be a promoter or defender of libraries or of the idea of public access to information. The speaker often works outside the walls of libraries. Topics have ranged from copyright to a feminist view of Melville Dewey.

About Jenny Levine…

Instead of writing a brief bio, I recommend visiting Jenny Levine’s blog to learn more about her.

3 responses to “Rudi Weiss Lecture: Jenny Levine, The Shifted Librarian

  1. I just wanted to thank everyone who attended to make this a great program!

  2. I was really bummed she was on opposite Google. I come across Jenny Levine in so many of my feeds, but I really wanted to see the Google Talk so I had to miss this one.

  3. Jaemi: Sorry you missed the presentation, but just remember that the notes from the presentation will be posted on Jenny Levine’s Wiki at , so it won’t be a total loss. We were kind of annoyed that the program had to compete with Google, but we still had an incredible turn out. Standing room only. We will try to bring in some speakers to talk about Library 2.0/Web 2.0 topics in the future.

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