Transforming Cataloging by Leslie Burger

In the October 2006 issue of American Libraries, the ALA President’s Message was about “Transforming Cataloging.” Here’s a paragraph from the article that provides a nice overview of the what was said in the rest of the article.

It’s time to change cataloging practices. I agree with LC‘s leadership that we must change the way we provide access to the material in our collections. New technology offers unprecedented opportunities to increase accessibility to materials that might otherwise be lost to researchers. While I support LC‘s efforts to take leadership in enriching the ways we provide access to out collections, it must remember that transformation doesn’t happen by pronouncement. We success at changing our institutions and practices when people work together to create a shared vision describing what that change needs to be.

– Burger, L. (2006). President’s Message: Transforming Cataloging. American Libraries, 37, 3.

I thought SMART members might be interested in the current view of Leslie Burger on cataloging, as well as the possible directions the ALA and its divisions may take regarding the future of cataloging.

2 responses to “Transforming Cataloging by Leslie Burger

  1. I agree with Pressident’s Mesage:Transforming Catalogind.As/ALA MEMBER AND as/librarian from a small country(Albania)i understand better that everyone Leslie Burger.But before must to understand good Philosophy of Library and first must to understand Governments(politics makers)
    “Where there is light,there are no secrets”
    In my country governments Policies not know what is the library.I believe knowledge inspires ideas.Information is the primary element of knowledge.Ideas are essential for individuals to meet their fullest potential,and ideas drive the evolution of humanity.Unfettered access to information is vital to the realisation of this process.As a librarian/information navigator where i work over 30 years,i am responsible for linking people to information using the best and most appropriate tools available.I do this openly and without judgement or regard for race,creed,religion,disability,gender,age or economic status.I do this by keeping communivation lines open,building and maintaining connections,and advocating for accessibility in all information environment.”To be or not to be”But I would like to ask?How is the matter,When i have an invitation for International Conference in Europe i am Forbidden from (Italian,Holland,Belgium) embassy to attend conference,because i am from one small and poor country.Today in World library most of librarians are over 60 years old,and i ask where are going libraries…….

  2. Thank you for your comments. I never would have thought our first comment would come from an International Librarian from Albania. I am disturbed by the fact that embassies would prevent you from attending conferences. It is good to hear from a different perspective, and we hope to hear more from you in the future.

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