Five Weeks to a Social Library

If you’ve ever been curious about social software (blogs, wikis, rss, etc.) and how it can benefit your library, you may be interested in participating in “Five Weeks to a Social Library“, an free five week online course. Jenny Levine (The Shifted Librarian), who is our Rudi Weiss lecturer in the upcoming conference, posted a plug for this program on her blog, The Shifted Librarian. And now this post has officially become a plug for a plug… More details after the jump.

The following was taken from the Five Weeks to a Social Library.

We are pleased to present Five Weeks to a Social Library, the first free, grassroots, completely online course devoted to teaching librarians about social software and how to use it in their libraries. The course was developed to provide a free, comprehensive, and social online learning opportunity for librarians who do not otherwise have access to conferences or continuing education and who would benefit greatly from learning about social software. The course will be taught using a variety of social software tools so that the participants acquire experience using the tools while they are taking part in the class. The course will make use of synchronous online communication, with one or two weekly Webcasts and many IM or Skype chat sessions made available to students each week. By the end of the course, each student will develop a proposal for implementing a specific social software tool in their library.

Five Weeks to a Social Library will take place between February 12 and March 17, 2007 and will be limited to forty participants. However, course content will be freely viewable to interested parties and all live Webcasts will be archived for later viewing.

We are currently accepting applications for participants in the course. The application process is designed to ensure that the course will benefit those librarians who have the most to gain from learning about social software and who would not otherwise have access to conferences or continuing education. If you are interested in learning how to use and implement social software tools at your library, please consider applying for the course. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Blogs
  • RSS
  • Wikis
  • Social Networking Software and SecondLife
  • Flickr
  • Social Bookmarking Software
  • Selling Social Software @ Your Library

If you are interested in becoming a participant in the course, please visit the Application for Participants.

For a preliminary listing of some of the social software experts who will be presenting during the course, please visit the Preliminary Program.

For more about the organizers of the course, please visit the About Us page.

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